Giovanbattista Cimmino

Giovanbattista Cimmino is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, CEO and founder of the London-base digital marketing agency SocialAsk founder of Remodels and Model Restaurant

Giovanbattista Cimmino


Giovanbattista was born in 1989, and showed early academic promise. He gained a Bachelor Degree in Economy, Masters In Finance. He then went on to do a second Master in Communication and Digital Media.

New York with Zapphyre

Zapphyre is a young company based in Miami with a presence throughout the United States. It is a major player in New York City. As one of the founders and creators of the Zapphyre’s project Giovanbattista Cimmino worked with Gianmarco Di Michele a fellow graduate in Economics.  Both are experts of the catering business.

With his friend in New York, Giovanbattista has developed an in-house delivery platform. This was for the well-known Pizzeria Numero28, that trades in New York and Miami. The aim was to tackle the very high commission fees that restaurants pay to companies for food delivery.  They promoted the in-house platform through web marketing to avoid that heavy commission. They will be rolling out his unique approach for restaurants in London as well.

The London Experience

As an influencer and digital marketing strategist, Giovanbattista Cimmino stands head and shoulders above the rest. As the CEO and founder of the London-based social media agency SocialAsk, Giovanbattista takes great pride in his company’s services

With his team in London, he works hard to increase and improve the online reputation of his customers (mainly restaurants and hotels).  But he is also 
an expert in social media marketing. He has an impressive online reputation as well as being a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and other publications in his capacity as an expert social media influencer.

The Message

The London Economic recently wrote about Giovanbattista saying – It’s becoming increasingly important for restaurants to be active on social media in such a competitive global market. A social media presence will help your restaurant stand out from the competition and connect with consumers in a more direct way. Social media is becoming very complex. That is why it’s helpful to hire a professional social media team to do the most difficult parts of the work for you.


In 2017, Giovanbattista decided to start dedicating part of his time and resources to the projects of his best friend Andrea Reitano, diversifying his portfolio and investing in restaurants.

Model Agency

In 2019, Giovanbattista Cimmino founded Remodels, international mother agency based in Milan, Italy.

Model Restaurant

In 2019 Giovanbattista Cimmino founded an Instagram based company Model Restaurant featured on major publications such as Forbes, Insider and Mashable.

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